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Out of sight, out of mind

A big part of financial health is staying out of debt. That’s why we automatically move money you’ll need for bills into a separate, dedicated account.

Link bills and credit cards

Add bills that happen every month (like rent or a car payment) or link credit cards and pay down your balance.

Budget with every deposit

Digit automatically moves money to your Bills account so expenses are squared away and ready to pay

Pay with your Bills account

Enter your Bills account details wherever you pay your bills to use the money Digit’s budgeted for you.

Budgeting for your car

Keep up with car payments

Make car payments without hitting any speed bumps. Digit chips away at the cost all month, instead of budgeting all money at once.

Budgeting for rent

Budget for rent bit by bit

Digit budgets a little at a time, so your rent payment won’t feel massive when it’s time to send the check.

Budgeting for rent
Saving for subscriptions

Save for your subscriptions

Streaming, delivery, storage — they all add up. Digit saves a little at a time, so the things you use daily don’t cost you all at once.


There’s a better way to budget

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Get 6 months on us. Switch to the all-in-one app⁷ that intelligently banks, budgets, saves, and invests for $5/mo.

Did we cover everything?

Still have questions about bills? Here’s a collection of our most common ones.

  • What sort of bills can Digit budget for

    Anything you pay regularly, really. Some of the more common ones are credit cards, rent, subscriptions, gym memberships, internet, and insurance. Just let Digit know how much the bill is and when you need the money.

  • So Bills is separate from Spending?

    You betcha. We’ve found that keeping money for bills separate from your spending money makes budgeting easier. Bills has its own account number so you can make payments with the money Digit has budgeted for you.

  • Where do I find my Bills account number?

    We’re so glad you asked. When you tap into your Bills account, you’ll find a virtual card with your card number, expiration date, and verification code.

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