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Digit invests at your pace

Don’t worry about how much to put in the market. Digit knows your spending habits, bills, and goals. We use that info to calculate the right amount to invest in a portfolio that fits your situation.


A portfolio that’s right for you

Open a simple investing account and Digit will help you contribute at your own pace. We match you with one of these expertly-balanced portfolios of stocks and bonds that are designed to grow over time.³

Portfolio overview
Portfolio overview


This portfolio of ETFs minimizes risk for folks who may need their money sooner.


This portfolio is designed for solid gains over a longer time period.


This option carries the highest risk, but has potential for larger returns over time.


Let Digit think about retirement

We think about retirement the same way we think about saving — a little a day makes it a lot less stressful. Digit looks at your full financial picture and contributes what’s smart for your situation.

Retirement on the Digit app

Roth or Traditional IRAs

Choose the Individual Retirement Account that fits with your salary so you can save on taxes. Digit keeps annual limits in mind so you won’t contribute too much.

Contribute the Digit way

Just like saving up for goals, Digit finds small amounts each day that you won’t feel. You won’t notice it today, but your tomorrow self will thank you very much.


You’ve invested a lot of time here

Still have questions? Here’s a collection of our most common ones.

  • How does Digit know when to invest?

    Just like your savings goals, Digit will set aside money from your Spending balance into your investment account when you can afford it. Several times a week, Digit will then invest that money in your portfolio.

  • Does investing cost extra?

    It doesn’t. Investing in your long-term wealth or retirement is all part of the package. You don’t have to pay extra to make investments using Digit.

  • Can I move invested money to other accounts?

    Yep, but there are a few caveats. Anytime you’re pulling money out of your investment or retirement account, there are tax considerations. And money from investments has to go to your Spending account before it can be moved to Bills or Savings.

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