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Why Digit?

Digit helps you reach your financial goals, not someone else's.

Unlike other apps, Digit connects to your checking account, analyzes your income and spending, and makes smart money choices to help you hit your goals.

Digit moves your money where it should be.

Every day, Digit stays on top of your finances, saving when you can, and moving money where it needs to go.

Digit prevents overdrafts and fees.

If your checking account ever drops below a balance you set, Digit will move money back so you don’t get hit with fees from your bank.

Digit does it all: saves faster, automatically pays bills, and eliminates debt.

Digit can now take your extra cash and save towards your phone or other bills, even pay off your credit cards and student loans.

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credit card debt paid off


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This app has turned me from someone who can't save money into someone who can.



I love the simplicity and ease of saving for a variety of goals - all without lifting a finger.


I’ll third @hellodigit. Paid for my trip to London and Paris last year. Currently saving for Morocco…


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  • Automated Saving
    Digit knows when it's ok to save.

  • Unlimited Goals
    Digit manages all your savings goals.

  • Pay Off A Credit Card
    Digit will save for & pay off your credit card debt.

  • 0.10% Savings Bonus
    Get paid for saving every 3 months.

  • Unlimited Withdraws
    Get your money when you want it.

  • Overdraft Prevention
    Automatic transfers to your checking.

  • No Account Minimums
    Leave as little as you want in Digit.

  • Overdraft Reimbursement
    The fee is on us if Digit saves too much.

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