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Small amounts, saved daily

Digit saves money in a way that you won’t notice. A little here, a little there... then all of a sudden you’ve reached your goal. It’s a satisfying feeling. You can set as many goals as you want (seriously, go nuts) and Digit will help you reach them all.

Rainy day saving
Rainy day saving

Be ready for rainy days

Unexpected turns don’t have to throw you off course. Digit slowly saves for whatever, no matter the weather.

Budgeting for your car

Visit lands near and far

Skip town or stick around. Digit can save for far away places or mini staycations.

Budgeting for your car
Budgeting for your car

Get your game on

Whether you play with a controller or catch the big game in person, Digit keeps an eye on your prize.

Celebrating a savings goal

Make a down payment

Let Digit build on your big plans. Save for a place of your own or wheels to roam.

Celebrating a savings goal

Unlimited Goals

Set as many goals as you like. Digit will save based on date, amount, and what bills are coming up.

Pause anytime

You can stop saving at any time and start again when you’re ready. You’re in control.

Set a daily max

Tell Digit how much is too much to save each day. Digit won’t set aside more than that amount.


Successful from the start

We’ve been at this for a long time now. We started way back in 2015 without any app at all — just a number you could text. Fast forward to today and we’ve helped millions of people reach their savings goals. And we’re pretty darn good at it.

$ billion+

Saved by members. Now we budget for bills and help you invest, too.


Savings goals created. You can save up for literally anything under the sun.

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Get 6 months on us. Switch to the all-in-one app⁷ that intelligently banks, budgets, saves, and invests for $5/mo.

That sums it up

Still have questions? Here are a few we’ve answered before.

  • How does Digit know when to save?

    We take a few things into account, namely your spending habits, upcoming bills, and the end dates on your savings goals. Digit sets aside money whenever you can safely afford to, so you don’t have to think about it.

  • What account does Digit save from?

    Digit pulls money from your Spending account. You add money to Spending via direct deposit, a manual transfer, or Smart Deposits. Then Digit calculates smart amounts to move to Bills, Savings, or Investing.

  • Can I move money between Savings, Bills, and Spending.

    You can – and fast. Funds transferred between Spending, Bills, and Savings, are available in a few seconds.

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