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Spending well

See how much is safe for you to spend

Digit uses machine learning and financial best practices to calculate how much should be available in Spending at any given time. This is based off your deposits, what you owe, and planning for way down the road.


You make a deposit

Money from a direct deposit or a transfer from a linked bank starts in Spending.


Digit runs the numbers

Digit decides what you’ll need for expenses and goals and moves that amount to Bills, Savings, or Investing.


And shows what’s left

What’s available in Spending is good to use on everyday items or a spontaneous splurge.

Digit debit card

A debit card that’s smart like you1

  • Pay on the go

    Use your digital wallet and check out from your phone, wrist, or some other fancy contraption.

  • No ATM Fees

    Use your app to find 55,000+ Allpoint ATMs and pull out cash without paying a fee.⁶

  • Prevent fraud

    Lose your card? No biggie. Lock your card with a tap and get notified about any unusual activity.

  • Spend safely

    Your debit card pulls money from Spending, so you won’t spend money that's already been budgeted for bills.

Expect more from your bank account
Expect more from your bank account

Expect more from your bank account

Helping you make smart money decisions is what sets Digit apart. Using Digit saves you time and helps you become more financially healthy. It’s everything you should be demanding from a bank account these days — and then some.

No overdraft fees

Digit won’t charge you for trying to pull out more cash than you have.

Instant transfers

Transfers between Spending, Bills, and Savings usually happen in seconds.


The cash in Spending, Bills, and Savings is protected up to $250,000.⁴

Balance controls

Digit can auto-transfer from Bills or Savings to keep the amount in Spending at a certain level.

Smart spending

Digit studies your spending habits and learns how much to leave in Spending.

Daily updates

Get helpful balance updates and notifications whenever you use your Digit Visa® Debit Card.

Digit app

Try Digit for free

Get 6 months on us. Switch to the all-in-one app⁷ that intelligently banks, budgets, saves, and invests for $5/mo.

That was a mouthful

Still have questions about Spending? Here are some of our most common ones.

  • Can I use direct deposit?

    You sure can. You can do it right in the app with our partner, Atomic. We can also send you a form that you can share with your employer, HR department, or payroll service.

  • How do I add money to Spending?

    There are a few different ways. Money can come in via direct deposit, a manual transfer from a linked bank, or Smart Deposits. Smart Deposits are automatic transfers from your linked bank that happen each week based on upcoming Bills and Savings deadlines.

  • When will my Digit Visa® Debit Card arrive?

    A shiny new debit card will show up in your mailbox 7-10 days after you’ve created your Direct account.

  • How long do transfers take?

    It’s a good question. If your transferring money between accounts in the Digit app, it usually takes a few seconds. From a linked bank, transfers typically settle within 3-5 business days. It depends on your bank’s processing schedule and time of day the transfer was made.

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